Manny and Pamela
And So Begins Our Adventure...

Said "I Do" on November 18th 2023


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There is no more beautiful a thing than when two people who are truly meant to be together find one another in this vast world.  Love is an amazing and special thing, and for those who find their person, life becomes a miraculous adventure.  This miracle happened for Manny and Pamela; two people who managed to find one another and knew, almost immediately that they were simply "meant to be".  

And So Begins Our Adventure...



For Manny and Pamela, even their wedding day was something of a miracle.  It rained the entire morning before their wedding, and yet, when it was time to walk out of the gorgeous Shore Cliff Hotel for their "First Look", the clouds parted a bit and the rain stopped.  If it is true that rain on your wedding day is good luck, these two amazing people have more than luck on their side.  They shared a beautiful and intimate ceremony by the sea with their closest friends and family.  There was laughter and there were tears, and in the end, there was only love shared by everyone.  As the sun set and they were finally husband and wife, Manny and Pamela shared an evening of amazing love and fellowship with their family and friends...and some amazing food as well!  So many people stood to speak about the connection that these two have.  I know in my own heart that Manny and Pamela are going to spend their lives loving one another.  

So, sit back, grab some kleenex and take a photographic walk through the incredible wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Rocha.  If you find an image you love, you can purchase a print, canvas or metal wall art directly through this website by clicking the link above the image - anything you order will be sent directly to your doorstep.  


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